• Mentoring & coaching

    Advancing your art practice





    • Clarify your personal vision.
    • Learn how to manifest your creative potential.
    • Unlock the core of your art practice, uncover hidden material & embark on new work from a place of clarity & purpose.
    • Develop self-confidence.
    • Expand your knowledge & understanding of the contemporary art & ceramics scenes.
    • Allowing you TIME - your most precious resource - to do what is most important to you!


    • You think that you can rise to the top without a DEEP understanding the rules of the game, the lay of the land & the players, in conjunction with ORIGINAL, INNOVATIVE work & a savvy strategic action plan!
    • You are looking for a marketing guru, business advisor, legal counsel, digital consultant or a PR expert.
    • You are looking for art therapy sessions or a way to use your art practice to resolve personal traumas or mental health challenges. Ceramics Residency offers support for your art practice, not psychological services.
    • You have never touched clay or made art.
    • You need assistants to make your work for you.
    • You require industrial ceramics advice or design services.
    All residencies are offered on the basis of obtaining sufficient enrollments. Residencies may be cancelled if the minimum viable number of enrollments is not obtained. In this unlikely event, participants will receive full reimbursement of all payments received. An extensive Terms and Conditions brochure is available to download.  
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