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  • Post-Colonialism?

    Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, 2016/2017

  • The full documentary film of Post-Colonialism?

    The trailer for the documentary film of Post-Colonialism?

    POST-COLONIALISM?- Opening night Performance by Neha Kudchadkar

  • Socially-Engaged Art

    • I believe that art makes a difference to us as individuals as well as a society.
    • We can make beautiful objects of peace & harmony or edgy work that raises difficult issues - or both!
    • There are an increasing number of prizes, collective & personal ceramics projects that are focussed on using clay to heal / improve individual lives and/or society.



    Whitegold Prize


    Repertoires of Artists & Collectives


    socially engaged craft collective



    Collectives / Projects


    Granby Workshop, Liverpool Venice Biennale 2019   Home

    Guerilla Mug Assault by the Clay Studio, Philadelphia



    There are so many & I will update this list - please send me any you come across!

    Ilana Crispi, USA - Tenderloin Dirt Harvest

    Madhvi Subrahmanian, Singapore - Rainforest

    Wang Renzheng, China - “airpocalypse” bricks

    Clare Twomey, UK - Overview of the artist's practice

    Ehren Tool, USA - War Cups (article) War cups (film)


  • Supporting Social Causes

    If making socially-engaged art is not your thing, then facilitating & supporting social causes is another option to consider. Forgive me if I sound cynical (I'm not) but making a stand publically on social media also brings you a lot of visibility (and likes).


    Case Study:

    See the Instagram feeds of Vipoo Srivilassa,

    - Wellness Deity Project

    - BLM Raffle

    - Clay for Clay Community

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