• Art residency & mentorship program by Dr Wendy Gers, international curator,

    at the luxury riverside cottages & art residency center, For A While,

    operated by Debapriya Dam & Artist, Shalini Dam, in the Indian Himalayas.

  • About


    06 Sept - 03 Oct 2020



    Luxurious twin sharing rooms with en-suite bathrooms / WIFI

    Shared ceramic studio & other workspaces



    Fresh home-cooked meals with local produce

    Morning / Evening tea / coffee & evening snacks



    Organised excursions, village activities, nature treks etc



    Pick up from Kullu–Manali Airport



    Price: USD 3 500.



  • Details

    Your inspiring residency


    For a While

    For A While is situated in the Tirthan valley near the Great Himalayan National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage listed ecozone is spread over an area of 1,171 square kilometres at an altitude that ranges from 1500 m to 6000 m. It is home to over 1000 flora and more than 375 fauna species including the endangered musk deer and the western horned tragopan.


    A nature lover’s paradise, the valley is popular with trout anglers. Other attractions include the unique 'kathkuni’ vernacular architecture, colourful local customs and festivals, trails and day treks that take you wonderful lakes, waterfalls and high altitude meadows. From river-crossing to mountain biking to trekking, a whole lot awaits you in the valley.


    Riverside living in a Himalayan Village

    For a While is a riverside lodge with comfortable cottages surrounded by apple & apricot trees. The cottages, made with local materials like pine wood, stone & slate, offer spectacular views of the valley. Residents share luxury twin sharing rooms, with en-suite bathrooms. Free wifi is provided on the property, however, this is a remote part of India so the network can be unpredictable & limited.


    For meals, you can expect a mix of interesting local specialities, pan-Asian favourites and global cuisine. Meals are offered buffet style and include seasonal greens and local produce. Upon registration, we will ask you about your preferences or food allergies and will be happy to organise our menu accordingly.


    A relaxed environment & variety of comfortable work spaces

    The shared studio offers gas kiln firing and raku firing, apart from slab rollers, kick wheels and electric wheels. Other workspaces are available & residents can also work outdoors, enjoying full access to all the public areas on the property.


    The atmosphere is easy-going, and a typical weekday starts at 9:00 in the studio. We break for lunch between 1 & 2 pm, and continue till 5pm. Residents are welcome to use studios after hours & on weekends, but without the assistance of Shalini.


    Explore the local terrain and culture

    The program has been designed such that you have the weekends free to participate in activities planned for you to explore this beautiful valley.


    Optional activities include:

    • village walks
    • meetings with local artists & craftsmen/craftswomen
    • exploring the unique architecture of the area
    • fly-fishing for trout
    • meditation & yoga
    • culinary classes
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  • Hosts

    Artist, gourmet chef & local guide

    Shalini Dam

    Ceramic Artist

    Shalini Dam, delved full time in Ceramics after a two-decade-long career in advertising. She has done her Masters in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art Design, Cardiff Metropolitan, Wales, UK. At present, she practices ceramic at her studio in a remote village in Himachal. In 2017 she was awarded the second prize at the 20th All India Studio Pottery Exhibition organized by AIFACS. Recently, she participated in the Indian Ceramics Triennale - Breaking Ground, 2018, India’s first ceramic Triennale. She has also been selected as one of the 302 artists for the GICB in 2019.


    Shalini will share any of the knowledge she has accumulated over her years of practice. This will be done with demonstrations and workshops depending on the needs and interests of individuals and the group.



    Debapriya Dam

    An ex-advertising professional, Debapriya Dam, quit the corporate life to escape the city, embrace a more fulfilling lifestyle, and follow his real passion, food. A chef extraordinaire, the one thing Debapriya loves more than cooking is feeding people.


    An avid bird watching enthusiast, he will be happy to share his knowledge of the local avian life with you. If you get a chance, we suggest you seek him out to accompany you on a nature walk. Dam will help you explore the unique culture of this quaint village and share interesting insights about the region.



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  • Other Info

    Your inspiring residency


    Invest in & grow your art practice

    • Price:  USD 3 500


    • Shared ceramics studio, equipment &  material, including clay, glazes & firing.
    • A free cyanotype workshop. 
    • Professional staff to assist you to pursue your art.
    • Three meals per day at For A While.
    • Local recreation activities.
    • Individual & group tuition & crits.
    • Personal mentoring & coaching by Dr Wendy Gers.
    • A private hour-long Bonus Individual Creative Consultation (BICC) mentoring with Dr Wendy Gers, in which you can work on specific challenges facing your practice.
    • A personalised Artistic References Dossier (PARD) that has been researched & compiled for your art practice. It contains artistic references that are relevant to their practice, & are aimed at enriching & extending your oeuvre.


    • All local & international transport.
    • Travel & health insurance.
    • Excursions & activities that are not part of the Ceramics Residency program.



    • The nearest airport is at the Kullu–Manali Airport located in Bhuntar, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. 
    • Transport from Kullu–Manali Airport will be provided. The lodge is about two hours from Kullu–Manali Airport.
    • If you do not wish to fly to Kullu–Manali Airport & prefer to take an 11-hour road trip from Delhi, transport can be arranged at an additional cost.


    What to do before you go

    • All tourists to India need to apply for an e-visa in advance of travel, available from indianvisaonline.gov.in.

    • An e-visa costs approximately USD 75 or GBP 57.

    • The best source of health advice is NATHNAC (travelhealthpro.org.uk), which is also used by GPs to assess health risks abroad.

    • For India, it is essential to have up–to–date 10–year boosters for diphtheria, polio and tetanus. Typhoid jabs are optional. Malaria risks are very low in Himachal Pradesh.

    • All travellers should ensure they have adequate travel & health insurance.

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