• Coaching by Dr Wendy Gers
    BA, Audis, MA (cum laude), PhD

    world-leading scholar, activist-curator & coach

  • What We Do

    The aim of our bespoke & mentoring coaching program is to help you advance your art practice & move to the next level. This truly unique program offers:

    Specialist life coaching using a series of expert worksheets

    Supplemented by ongoing motivational discussions about key challenges for your individual practice



    Motivational & accountability discussions about key challenges for your individual practice

    Developing your exhibition – exhibition design & narrative; Critically evaluating your artwork; developing a socially-engaged practice; Refining your Artist Statement, websites & marketing – the latest info & best practices, entering international biennales & competitions etc.

    Specialist art historical mentoring & curatorial guidance

    Ensuring you develop truly excellent, innovative & original work.

    Individual critiques of work in progress.

    Professional guidance about your work & promoting your practice.

  • Who is Eligible?



    • While most of our clients have clay-based practices, we embrace all artistic practices.
    • Participants must have at least 3 years of art experience.
    • A Fine Art qualification is preferred, but not essential. 


    • Participants need to be fluent in English to benefit from the program.


    Participants must be at least 21 years old.

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